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Special weddings deserve special attention

Our expert team is here to help anyone
who speaks at a wedding feel comfortable
and confident on one of the most
important days in a lifetime.






create your best

wedding vows & speeches




Genuinely connect with guests on the special day by using words and a style that is natural to you. While creating your speech our team of experts help you choose the words that help you express what you most want to say.



One of the most important qualities of any speech is connecting with the audience. We help you learn how to get over stage fright, how to speak around people you don’t know, and how to share your speech in a connected way that leaves guests remembering your speech for all the right reasons.



Speaking in front of a group of friends and family is different than other types of public presentations. We help you develop a volume to be heard in a variety of settings. In addition, we work closely with you on vocal variety including inflection and pausing that helps engage listeners on a new level.


How you use your body when you speak enhances your message. While many speakers stand still our professional recommendation is to use gestures and body movement to deliver the most effective speech. Our experts consider all physical abilites while crafting the perfect body elements for you.




We are passionate about weddings! Our carefully selected team of experts come from a depth of training that is unsurpassed by any wedding speech service in the industry. With an ability to co-create memorable and meaningful wedding vows and speeches we help our clients elevate any celebration.

Meet Your Team

How we work with clients

virtual sessions

Working virtually with our team of experts gives you the greatest flexibility as you are able to meet with our team from the comfort of your home, office, or other location in a space that is most convenient for you. This option also provides the most flexibility with choices of times and days. The first step is to speak to a Wedding Concierge who will guide you through some options that will best suit your needs.

you come to us

Some people prefer to meet in person with their wedding speech team so we created an option where you fly to where our coaches are located.  Where are we? Currently we reside in different cities and towns in the U.S.  A Wedding Concierge will help you plan the perfect customized itenary to meet your coaching needs.

we come to you

Creating a coaching experience in the comfort of your own city or town might be the perfect solution to meet your wedding speech needs. Working with a Wedding Concierge you will select between a half-day or full day session.  These local to you intensives could include the bride and groom, members of the wedding party, or everyone who has a speaking role on the big day.  The meeting space, food, and beverage are provided to bring even greater ease to your experience.