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Lynette Hanover, Vows and Speech Coach, headshot

Lynette Hanover

Vows and Speech Coach

As an award winning speech evaluator and accomplished speaker, Lynette Hanover brings over 5 years of theater experience and 6 years of speaker experience to her role. With a methodology for working with clients from fear to success Lynette is known for helping the true self emerge.

“I love weddings and I am a true romantic! I know how important a special life occasion is and how to work with a person to help them shine. I help clients be authentic in their delivery style while co-creating the perfect vows and speeches.”



Lynette Hanover is an excellent speech coach. With all of her experience in competitions and her professional career, she knows how to guide you in vocal expression, presence, poise and messaging. Best of all, she coached me on how to be less nervous while presenting from the stage. Thanks, Lynette!

Cindy Tschosik, Ghost Writer, Developmental Editor, Author & Speaker 

Nancy Depcik, Vows and Speech Coach, Professional Speaker Personal Development, headshot

Nancy Depcik

Vows and Speech Coach

Your wedding is coming up and you have decided to write your own vows or have been asked to give a speech or a toast. Where do you start? What do you say? How do you control your nerves?

Nancy Depcik can help you create and deliver vows and speeches that are heartfelt and remembered for years to come. She is a nationally recognized speaker and coach who will help you capture everything you want to say. You will learn to control your nerves and deliver your vows and speeches with confidence.



Internalize, Internalize, Internalize. Nancy made me understand the importance of the above words. She taught me that anyone can write a speech but the presentation is the most important.  In order to make that presentation effective you must internalize and truly believe your words.  This helped me so much when preparing my ‘Mother of the Bride’ speech this last November.  She added to my self-confidence; I do not think I could have done it without her.

Thank you Nancy,
Linda Rothberger

Shawn Purvis, Humor Expert, headshot

Shawn Purvis

Humor Expert

Since 2015 Shawn has been officiating weddings and hosting receptions while bringing his passion for humor to a variety of celebrations. He has a special creativity, warmth, and professionalism that helps clients find the funny. Shawn is well known as a standup comedian and has delighted audiences in the United States.  “In this blessed time, I’ve seen the magic of the wedding ceremony revolving around words.  Every speaker from the officiant to the host to the DJ can add to the rhythm of the experience. I am passionate about getting the right words delivered in the right way with adding the kind of humor that is best for the client and the occasion. Speaking in front of loved ones can be intimidating, and with a little practice combined with a few pleasant chuckles, we can work together so your wedding speech will be perfect!”


Shawn Purvis’s humor coaching and tips took my keynote speech to the next level. His insights were spot on and when I applied them, they had the audience laughing throughout the speech. Shawn is the best humor coach I’ve ever come across. Highly recommended! 

Jeff Davis, bestselling author of The Power of Authentic Leadership, keynote speaker, leadership expert, and CEO of Jeff Davis International.

Marianne Post

Confidence Coach

As a confidence coach for Wedding Speech Genius, Marianne leverages the expertise she’s gained from guiding hundreds of fitness and career coaching clients as they face fears and reach goals. Each client she’s worked with – regardless of background or experience – always asks, “do I have what it takes?” And she always answers, “Yes, which means nothing unless you believe it yourself.” The casual, strategy-based conversations that follow empower each client to identify the source of self-doubt and implement a simple, personalized plan for moving forward with confidence. Marianne knows you have what it takes to deliver the memorable wedding vows and speeches you’ve dreamed of. She’s ready to listen to your concerns and arm you with tools that erase self-doubt so you can’t wait to share your words with friends and family.



Marianne is truly amazing! I was in a place where I needed and extra dose of confidence. She reassured me I was on the right track to success even when I was doubting myself. Marianne will motivate and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. 

-M. Ramirez

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